MIDI & Chiptune Music Pack Vol. 2

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Looking for the perfect music format so your project has an ultra-lightweight storage size and runs its music with the greatest fluidity? Looking to modify songs completely at your whim to give your project personality? In any case, MIDI format is just what you're looking for.

was created to offer you the opportunity to manipulate several of my songs, either by changing their instruments, volumes, tempo or even notes and chords to (if you have some musical knowledge) create your own melodies starting from mine. This format has no limits!


Do you know my song ? Nope? Listen to it on the section FREE Music and then have a look at the following example of what you can do with its MIDI format:


Surprised? The best thing is knowledge about musical language was not necessary. In this case, I have only modified some notes in the version of the end. With a little practice, you can achieve this and much more!

How can I modify one of these files?

You will need a digital audio editing program, valid only if it has a sequencer with MIDI multitrack support. I recommend any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), they are the most complete music software for this.

Import any file of this pack into your favorite software and modify it to your liking.

Once you have your result, export it in audio format to have your MP3/OGG/WAV/FLAC and use them in your projects of video games, in your YouTube videos, podcasts, or wherever.

And, of course, chiptune versions are included in WAV and OGG Vorbis format. It's time to try making a retro game!


With this pack you will get the following songs in MIDI format:

1st Sonata
Forgotten Spaceship
Guerrero Colosal
Hasta Mi Planeta
Helplessness in Kowasni
Horror Stories
Infested City
La Llamada de Ile
Las Dos Fronteras
Looking for a new beginning
Lord Mavras
My Memory Lane
Ouija A/B/C/(SE)
Point of Clash
They Are Already Here
Typical Lullaby

Remember that you can listen to these songs on the section FREE Music to get an idea of their content.

And you know what? You can use the songs of this pack (and the modifications that you make) in your commercial projects, totally royalty-free!

If you are not certain and want to test some of these files first, you can do it with MIDI & Chiptune Music Pack Vol. 1, it is completely free if you subscribe to my newsletter. If you don't need more demonstrations and want to get right now... Don’t wait for its price to rise over time!

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MIDI & Chiptune Music Pack Vol. 2

0 ratings
I want this!